Wall clouds in Colorado

Sunday, May 26, 2019 11:01 AM

The caravan drove from Salina to Tribune, Kansas (get your map out, kids!) this morning. 

In route we went through showers, low clouds over windmills (left), and lots of oversoaked pasture land. Saw an interesting cloud formation, too. (below) Dr. Dan Dawson says, “main cloud bank there is stratus with maybe a thin layer of pileus on top.” I’m adding pileus cloud to my weather spotting life list. 

After launching a weather balloon, the caravan headed to Colorado where promising severe weather beckoned (see radar screen shot). 

By the time we stopped to watch an impressive wall cloud form and do some tantalizing rotating the crowds rolled in. Storm chasers descended on Hwy 96 with plates from California to Massachusetts. Even saw the famed Dominator 3 roll by—twice!