Driving, driving, balloon launch, driving...

Sunday, May 26, 2019 9:48 AM

Saturday was a lot of driving — across Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.

The entire crew gathered (left, not toddler Paul) in West Lafayette and headed out early-ish.

We are a caravan of five: radar truck, scout vehicle, large rental truck of equipment, another SUV of a film crew, and our lovely Subaru Outback.

Missouri and Kansas have gotten so much rain this year. Miles of swollen creeks, overflowed rivers, and farm fields with standing water. Wow.

We managed to arrive in Salina, Kansas before dark. The students took advantage of the oncoming thunderstorm to launch a weather balloon from the parking lot of the truck stop across from the hotel!

Sunday update: Up and back on the road early. Heading toward western Kansas. Fingers crossed folks!